Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Writing On The Bandwagon

I’m pretty ticked off about the Time magazine cover article, Are You Mom Enough? I can’t help but want to know what moron decided that mothers need more reasons to pin themselves against one another. Moms who work verses those who stay home, moms who breastfeed verses those who don’t, moms who co-sleep verses those who let them cry it out. Guess what, there isn’t just one answer for every mom! 


thetourdirector said...

Excellent Alice!! You are so right! we as women and mothers are so judgmental of other women- as if any of us have it figured out! I breastfed Livy for a few weeks and then had to stop for medical issues my doctors made me feel like the most unfit mother in the world. I wish I could have longer, but it wasn't in our cards... like you said each family has its owns situation and finds their way. We should support each other and celebrate that there are so many ways to get it right!!

MS English Teacher said...

I, too, am frustrated by this article. It continues to needlessly pit mothers against each other. I can't agree with you more...what works for one,may network for another. Let's focus on what is best for our kids. Loving them! Parenting them! My perspective is unique. I am not a mother and probably will never birth my own biological child. I am in the process of adopting an older child. There are thousands of children in our own country who need parents to love them! Children whose parents hurt them or ignore them or abuse them. LOVE your children and let others love theirs as they know best.

Breast feed or bottle feed, co-sleep or not...these are important decisions made by loving parents. Let's appreciate the fact that parents care enough to research and make educated decisions...without putting down and shaming those that disagree with us.

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